Darn Dog Keeping Me Awake!

19/07/2013 04:32

Seriously, it is times like these that make me want to get out of my bed and strange my next door neighbor’s dog to death. Now, don’t get me wrong because I am a complete animal lover. In fact, I once cried for 2 days straight when my dog died back when I was still a kid. But if a dog happens to be barking nonstop at 2 in the morning, then you have the right to feel mighty pissed about the whole damn situation.

It would be cool if the dog’s bark sounded a lot like the free beats I download off the Internet, but man this dog’s bark is literally worse than its bite.  Call me crazy for saying this shit, but I would much rather get bitten by that dog instead of having to hear it barking in the wee hours of the morning. I’m typing this thing at 3:15 in the freaking morning all thanks to that dog. I can’t go back to sleep anymore so I thought I’d just write up my frustration on my blog and create some  beats  while I’m at it.

I think I might even try to download some free hip hop beats off the web just for kicks since I’ve been in need of some reference material anyway. That dog and my next door neighbours are damn lucky that I am not in the mood to go head over to their house and beat the crap out of that animal. I love dogs man, but I hate it whenever my sleep gets disturbed by excessive barking.