Arguing with the Wife

30/08/2013 01:51

It’s kind of funny because I just got finished arguing with my wife a few minutes back and boy did we have one hell of a verbal tussle. It is a good thing that the kids are over at their grandparents’ right now because I would not want them to hear some of the stuff that came out of my wife’s mouth while we were having our little discussion earlier. Everything is cool now and we have both made up, but man is she one scary dame when she gets angry. Hell, I’m lucky that I don’t have any bullet holes in my body right now because she is one mean woman.

I now fully understand why they said that hell’s fury is simply no match for the wrath of an angry woman. Husbands, take note of this because this might end up saving your ass in the long run.  So after that stressful war of words with my beloved spouse, I decided to take out my frustrations on my FL Studio software and created some beats.

I also proceed to download some free beats from the Internet so I could sample them and use them for my own creations. Thank the Good Lord for FL Studio because without it I might end up going to the looney bin under my own accord. If any of you guys ever get into a fight with your wives or girlfriends, then I suggest you do what I just did and soak yourself in some good old fashioned music.